FortCON Survival Guide

Please read through this entire list! We ask that you respect our rules list, guided by The Grand Wayne Convention Center and the City of Fort Wayne, IN.
(Last Updated 7/24/2021)

Date and Time

  • Starts: Friday, September 24th, 6:00p
  • Ends: Sunday, September 26th, 3:00p


  • Starts Friday at 6:00pm, in front of the main entrance to Hall C.
    • VIP registration starts at 5:00pm!

FortCON 2021 Waiver

  • Please sign and print this waiver ahead of time if you can, to help speed up your registration process.
  • All attendees MUST sign and fill out a waiver.

General Rules

  • Be kind to your fellow gamers and respect direction from FortLAN staff, Grand Wayne Convention Center staff, and security.
  • Keep foul language to a minimum.
  • No cheating.
  • No hate speech.
  • No illegal file sharing.
  • No porn or questionable content.
    • This is a PG-13 event, we appreciate your help to keep it that way, especially during vendor hours.
  • If the equipment is not yours, do not touch or use it without permission of staff or owner of equipment.
  • Have fun!

Facility Rules

  • No sleeping in the venue!
  • No outside food delivery to venue!
    • You may meet a delivery person outside, in front of the building.
    • Only personal sized orders of food can be placed.
    • Do not place an order of food for more than yourself and maybe a friend.
  • Only personal sized coolers!
    • No ice in the coolers, only ice packs.
  • Only verified vendors may sell food or drink!
  • No drugs or alcohol!
  • Must use designated loading and unloading access doors!
    • Please don’t load and unload through the glass doors on the South Side of the building on Jefferson Blvd.
  • Use designated entrances and exit doors only to ensure security.
  • No smoking, including e-cigs or vapes, in the building!
    • There are designated smoking areas outside the building.
  • Please dispose of garbage properly!
    • If you need help cleaning up a spill or disposing of a large box, please contact a staff member or volunteer for help.
  • Any report of theft will be investigated and the Fort Wayne Police Department will be called as needed!
  • Please stay within designated areas. We are renting both Halls B and C.

Pre-LAN Checklist

  • Print and sign the waiver. Doing this ahead of time will fast track your registration!
  • Update your games before coming so you don’t bog down the Internets!
    • Steam, Origin, Uplay,, League of Legends, etc.
    • We will have a Steam Cache, but please don’t rely on it!
  • Back up any of your personal files!

What To Bring

  • PC, Laptop, or Gaming Console
  • Computer Monitor (No larger than 32″)
  • Network Cable, 25 feet or longer to reach the closest switch.
    • Network cables for sale for $10 if you forget yours!
  • Headphones & Microphone
    • Speakers will not be allowed!
  • Power Strip (Only PCs, Monitors, Phone Chargers, and Portable Gaming Devices)
    • Power cords, 3 outlets, for sale for $8 if you forget yours.
    • No daisy chaining power strips!
    • No coffee makers, tea pots, microwaves, mini refrigerators, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), or anything that draws lots of current!
  • Power Cables, Phone Chargers
  • Keyboard, Mouse, & Mouse Pad
  • Chair
    • Chairs are provided but you are welcome to bring your own!
  • Software
    • FortLAN will not provide any copies of any OS’s, games, or applications!
  • Screw Driver, Multi-Tool
    • If you feel you might need to fix or adjust something, we can’t guarantee we’ll have the proper tools to help you!
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